Sound of Burgenland

Joseph Haydn

Joseph Haydn was born in Rohrau in the spring of 1732. He was an Austrian composer of the Viennese classical period. He spent most of his career as a court musician in Eisenstadt with the Esterhazys. He is the origin of today’s German anthem (Kaiserhymne). He is considered the father of classical symphonies and the string quartet. He also composed many masses and performed them here in Eisenstadt. (Ben)

Missa in Tempore Belli - Sanctus

One of the masses was the Paukenmesse or Missa in Tempore Belli. We were able to hear the wonderful Sanctus from this mass in the castle chapel, the original performance venue of the mass.

The secret anthem of Burgenland

One song that should not be missing on any visit to Burgenland is the secret national anthem „Die schöne Burgenländerin“. We also concluded our trip to beautiful Burgenland with this song.