Happy Birthday

„Burgenland celebrates its 100th Birthday and HLTW 13, Bergheidengasse from Vienna congratulates from the bottom of its heart!

On the next pages we would like to introduce you to our Burgenland project. On the occasion of Burgenland’s 100th birthday, we dealt with selected aspects of Burgenland’s history. We were at Lake Neusiedl, in Sopron, the originally planned capital, and in Eisenstadt. In Sopron we created a scavenger hunt. In Eisenstadt we visited the Esterhazy Castle, one of the most beautiful castles in Austria, listened to Joseph Haydn’s music and asked the inhabitants about their favorite recipes. Finally, we sang the secret national anthem, the „beautiful Burgenländerin“.

And we already know how our project will continue. We are very much looking forward to recreating and tasting the favorite recipes of the Burgenlanders.

What a wonderful province! Thank You!

3HRD, HLTW 13 Bergheidengasse, Vienna